A shop visit from the Master…

by / Friday, 23 August 2013 / Published in News


Just got back last night from a trip off island to Rob and Ralph’s house to install some Douglas fir bookcases in their beautiful mid-century home just outside Boston.  I don’t remember ever going on an August roadtrip but it may have happened.  Some things I just don’t remember anymore…I had to go standby on the ferry and I managed to get off at noon last Friday but before that happened I had a visit to my shop from Vladimir Kagan! He brought over a couple of ship models he’d been working on that needed to be back-planed and also a couple of pieces of cedar for mounting the models that needed a border routed into them. I easily handled that small request at which point we talked shop for a bit. He was most interested in the tools in the shop, especially the Felder CF741 Combination machine. “Pretty cool” he thought. He was amazed at the power and functionality packed into such a small footprint.

We also discussed a dining chair prototype made of spruce and MDF I had up on the bench. He wanted to know what the materials were going to be, if the seat was to be hard or upholstered and what details I planned to dress it up. “The most important thing about a chair is it has to be comfortable!” was his sage advice. OK! I answered all his questions and then we took a stroll into the house to see the table that the chairs will be made for. The Bamboo and Walnut Dining table, pictures of which can be seen at my Facebook page by clicking  the link at the bottom of the website page, was, in a word, “elegant”.

It’s great to have made his acquaintance at the Artisan show last month. He’s such an intense and zesty individual with a sparkle in his eye that only grows more intense as his interest does.

All in all a very satisfying visit from the Master…

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