Bertha Bench

This is the first in a series of benches from my Nantucket shop that feature laminated bamboo and hardwood supports along with a matching slab seating surface. The bench is completed with stainless steel leveling feet and stainless barrels that provide the necessary stand-off of the seat to the support. Bertha is a study in simple forms, but in doing so I made a conscious decision to let the materials shine through. As you scroll through the photos of the Bertha Bench you’ll see it showcased in Padouk and Amber Bamboo and also in Bubinga and Neopolitan Bamboo. If you look closely you’ll notice that the inner layers of the support are all mitered around the perimeter and the two faces are attached with floating tenons. The assembly is glued up one layer at a time. Final assembly of the seat to the supports is done with 6” stainless rods with the stainless barrels threaded on and set in epoxy. It’s an extremely strong final product. This bench will be equally at home in a Modern or Transitional environment. Picture it in your Living Room, Front Hallway, Office or framing a square Dining table.

This bench measures in inches: 36L X 15D X 18H and is finished with an acrylic varnish. Besides the Padouk and Bubinga shown, the Bertha Bench is available in Mahogany, Walnut and Sapele and you can choose either the Amber or Neopolitan Bamboo.


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