Wave Bench

The Wave bench is an absolutely gorgeous bench that would be a great companion to the Sweep Coffee Table. It is shown in the photo collection in three variations: Padouk with Amber Bamboo, Mahogany with Neopolitan Bamboo and Walnut with Neopolitan Bamboo. The Wave bench is #2 in a series of benches for 2013. It features identical construction techniques as the Bertha bench but parts company with the gentle curve of the leading edge of the seat and also with the hand-made, tapered legs. My signature stainless steel stand-offs complete the piece and lend a decidedly Modern feel. This bench would look terrific in a Contemporary or Transitional environment. Two of these benches set end to end with opposing curves make a long, sinuous statement.

The Wave bench measures in inches: 40L X 16D X 17H. It is finished with an acrylic varnish. Other sizes can easily be made along with any other wood species you see on the website. Just ask.


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