Fall On Nantucket…

by / Wednesday, 09 October 2013 / Published in News

We have been experiencing another beautiful fall on Nantucket this year. The inclination is to say, “Ho Hum”, but we all know it won’t last too much longer. Last week was warm enough to hit the beach a few times in the late afternoon with some quick dips into a steadily cooling Atlantic. Water temps were down from their usual summer high of 75 to the mid 60’s forcing one to ask the obvious question: “Do I REALLY want to get wet?” I answered with a “yes” and once all the way in it wasn’t too bad. For a few minutes.

It’s amazing how quickly the beaches clear out after Labor Day so it’s usually not a surprise to find myself solo with incredible views, but it never ceases to make me say out loud, “Wow, why isn’t everyone here?”.  Then I come to my senses and remember that the season of pain is right around the corner so enjoy this while you can! With that pain comes the time to spend lots of extra hours in the shop. There are a few pieces that have not been professionally photographed yet but will be soon. One such item is the Walnut and Bamboo Dining Table.



A 1/4″ reveal separates all the frame components.


Breadboard ends of walnut.



Double layer of bamboo and some perfect miters on the legs.

Constructed of  8/4  Black Walnut and Bamboo with the same stainless steel leveling feet I featured on my Bertha Bench, the table measures 84″L X 40″W X 30″H. Floating tenons are used for all the joinery. I love my Festool Domino! It is sooooo accurate. Look at those miters, impossible with any other tool. That’s it for today kids. Watch this space for a blog post about one of my all time favorite bands playing Boston next week!


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