All the furniture pieces you see on my website are a blend of domestic and imported hardwoods, bamboo and stainless steel accents. Sometimes the bamboo is very prominent with hardwood accents and other times the reverse is true. Bamboo lends a decidedly Mid-Century aesthetic to these pieces but you can also see some Retro, Industrial and even a little Art Deco influence as well. There is definitely a common thread running through my work but I am sure that the form and character of my future designs will probably be very different. New ideas flow constantly and there are already a couple on the drawing board and also some other new works that will be photographed soon, including a beautiful Walnut and Bamboo dining table.

One thing you can be sure of is that all my furniture is custom-made, one at a time, in my shop, by yours truly, here on Nantucket. It’s a great place to live and work but, with 30 miles of water between me and the mainland, sometimes a little remote. But those 75 degree summer water temperatures at my favorite beach more than make up for the hassle.