One of the longest running threads in my life has been music.

Willy_Lemay_DJI can remember buying my first record at Stuarts Department Store in Lowell, MA. It was 1962 and that LP was Chubby Checker “All the Hits” which I actually have framed on my studio wall. From then on I was an avid music consumer. I grew up around family members and friends that played instruments so I jumped on that bandwagon, no pun intended, as well. I took guitar lessons, piano lessons and taught myself to play the drums. I was pretty good at that and for several years during and after high school I kept the beat in a rock and soul band. We played a lot of funk, soul, Motown and various rock gems but a lot of people remember me as a premier DJ on Lansdown street in Boston at Spit and Axis in the 1980s. What a great gig that was! My musical prowess was at full tilt in those days and I still have all my gear and thousands of records which I still use today. A few times every year I still get a nightclub gig where I get the chance to bust out some vinyl and move people on a dance floor with a set list that is the definition of “Old School” — I still love it!

With all that music at my disposal I plan to post an ever changing playlist of songs on this site that you’ll want to come back to again and again.

Stay tuned…