What a day!

by / Sunday, 21 July 2013 / Published in News

What a great day at the Artisan Show today! Lot’s of people strolling and trolling for stuff. They seemed very educated about furniture and asked many great questions, all while grabbing business cards, and oohing and ahhing.

The highlight of the day: I had just finished wolfing down a chicken salad sandwich when who comes around the corner and sees my display? None other than 20th Century Furniture Design Icon, Vladimir Kagan (www.vladimirkagan.com)! In case you don’t know who he is, he is to furniture design as Frank Lloyd Wright is to architecture. Google him. He’s my fathers age, born in 1927. The first thing I hear him say: “Wow, look at that cool piano shaped table!”

I had never met him before but there aren’t too many 85 year old people who look like him and I said to myself, “Holy moly, that’s Vladimir Kagan!” He was being led by a woman who, two booths away, has a display of granite works. So he goes over and checks that out for a couple of minutes and as he’s making the move to leave I walked up and introduced myself and asked if he’d come back by my booth after making a sweep of the show. His answer? ” I’m only going one way, to see your stuff now.”

Ok! So we waltzed over, he sat down and we talked for about 15-20 minutes. He was very interested in the Bamboo I use as well as how the joinery happens with the stainless steel standoffs, what kind of finishes I use, how the laminations are done. He asked me where I was from and where my shop is. When I said here on Nantucket he said, “You’re making this cool furniture on Nantucket? I’d love to see your shop!” No problemo! We took a couple of photos, he told his assistant to make sure he took my card, shook hands and off they went. What a day!

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